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A cutting edge AI and ML based company, passionately involved in providing socially conscious products and services aimed at betterment of the society

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We have a wide domain experience in numerous markets, enabling to provide an assortment of solutions from presence management to API integrations of our unique 99.99% accurate facial recognition system API’s. Deployed in more than 21 states of India and with more than 1 Million faces recognized every month, you can rely on Code Delta to be your partner for auditability

Android Applications

Mobile devices and smartphones have become increasingly popular and important. We've pre-built appications to enable organisations an easier onboarding.

Web Application

We've a state-of-the art web applications enabling users and organisations realise the power of data.


We provide the clientle with a custom built API's for all their integration needs.

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Absolute benchmark in Safety and credibility

Code delta works with Governments,Non Profits, and Other organisations to address complex challenges on a country wide scale. The foolproof system developed by CD empowers users with complete transparency and reliability.


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